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    September 7, 2013

    I am an concerned and motivated Junoir (2011-2015) Wingfield has been recieving negative perceptions for many years. When I started attending the grant was in progress. The grant is over now, I took my english state test, algebra 1 state test, and biology 1 state test. I passed all 3 state test with proficient and advanced on my test. Also, I have never been in a fight at the ol' blue and gold. The administration has always been strict to me as a student's point of view. As for the incidents with the fires the students are bad and have been expelled from school. Wingfield are really short when it comes to teachers alot of them have left the school after the grant. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO CHANGE YOUR NEGATIVE PERCEPTIONS OF WINGFIELD HIGH SCHOOL. DON'T JUDGE US BCUZ IT CHANGES AND EFFECTS GENERATIONS. PEACE (0_0)v

    November 17, 2011

    Wingfield Highschool is a part of my family I have had 4 children to graduate from there. I am displeased with Wingfield the present school administration is not productive in all areas of running a school such as Wingfield. They do not have an effective behavioral plan in place that deters violence. further, they show favortism towards certian students which is not fair to others. The adiministration does not have an open door policy to involve parents in their children education there is no line of communication at Wingfield. My child was attacked by two older students the administration did not take the proper steps to eliminate that kind of behavior. A few weeks ago a student started a fire in the bathroom 2010-2011 school year an incident took place that caused parents to panic and feared for their child's safety. My point is that the present administration needs to be replaced with new and innovative minds. Who could strategically cultivate the students and discourage violence. It is vital that parents be a part of this plan we must work together. Additionally, the school needs to have a line of communication with the parents and to be informative.

    Submitted by a parent

    April 5, 2008

    I agree 150% with the parent on Feb. 10, 2004. I graduated from Wingfield High School in 2006. I will never in my life send my children there. The teachers do not care. The playing in the auditorium is correct. We did not learn anything. I was in the top ten and went to sleep everyday. I just took my test and passed them with flying colors because the work was not challenging if we had work to do. The state really needs to take over this school because it is not fair to the students who try to succeed and when they get to college are having a hard time because they did not learn anything.

    Submitted by a student

    February 19, 2005

    My son is eighteen years old going into his senior year at Wingfield this fall. I feel less involved in what's going on within the scool curriculum, probably due in fact or part to my son's failure to keep me informed. As compared to previous years and another graduate of the school. I see less corespondence and information concerning the schools endeavors. Parent teacher conferences seem less infrequent than previous years.

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    February 10, 2005

    I beleive that whoever wrote this message must have a student who always gets in trouble and who is not passing. I am a senior at Wingfield and I know that our test scores have gone up and that we do not have very many problems at WHS But I just want you to know before you go online and talk about Wingfield High School you need to get your information right Thank-you A Concerned Senior

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    February 10, 2005

    I am sorry that you feel this way about Wingfield High School. I would like to point out that over the last three years the school has risen from a Level 1 to a Level 3. The reason for this is that scores on the state tests have increased every year for the past three years. Presently on the state tests 85% are passing the Algebra test , 84 % are passing the Biology I test, 88% are passing the U.S. History test and 71% are passing the English test on the first attempt. Wingfield surpassed the Federal standards for growth in Math and English. The teachers do care and work extremely hard. If you are still concerned I would call the principal and talk with him. I am sure he would be glad to talk with you.

    Submitted by a staff

    June 4, 2004

    Wingfield High School has alot of things that need to be corrected before we end up loosing all our black children to insufficient learning. The teachers don't seem to really care about the students really learning. I've gone to my child's class on several occasions and all they were doing was sitting in the auditorim playing when they should have been learning and at the end of the year my child ended up with an 89 for his grade when I as well as he knew that he had not done anything to even warrant a grade as such. There are alot of changes that need to take place and it needs to start now. They don't try to ensure that the children are on a level that compares to alot of the other schools in Jackson and that's not fair to the students. Changes need to be made immediately.

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