• Callaway High School2

    Jackson, MS | Hinds County

    March 14, 2008

    The students have absolutely no freedom. Its rediculous. They go to lunch with a teacher, they are not allowed to bring they're cellphones even if they never use them during class. The students get treated like little elementary kids, and the administators try to blame the reason for strict rules on the few students that don't know how to act. They don't even think about the many students who do know how to act.They never have any school dances or really fun activites. I feel that the students will never become true adults if they keep on treating them like kids. But i guess they just like to make their job easier, by holding everybody back. But little do they know they only make things worse

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    August 17, 2006

    Well i go to callaway high and its a great school to learn im in the 10th grade and love to learn so taecher will help you when students need help cuz that is what they ther for.....

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